I am Gennadiy, a licenced professional tour guide in my native city of St Petersburg. Having received University aducation suplimented by a guide training course in 2002 I've become a highly qualified, licenced expert on Russian history and fine arts to deliver guide services to the English speaking visitors to St Petersburg. 

Born and raised in the Soviet Union; I have vitnesed trimendous political, social and economic changes in Russia since 1990-s to the present day. My presentations cover that transformation as well as some aspects of life style and values of contemporary Russian people.

Over the years I have gained a vast experience in working with independent travelers who can not stand large annoying groups, want to see and learn more in the atmosphere of friendly personal treatment. If you belong to this category, my services is your best choice. 

Passengers of cruise ships arriving to St Petersburg don't need visa to disambark and go sightseeing with me. 

For a group of up to three people I can also act as a personal driver with my own car. For larger groups and ultimate convenience I rent a comfortable minibus with the driver and necessary capacity of seats for the whole party.

And more, contacting me directly, in distinction from any tour company, you establish personal contact with your future guide to be shure that any of your wishes would be implemented.

Yours in St Petersburg
Gennadiy Chentsov